About Us

Jenna Green Foundation Incorporated focuses on the following areas in order to empower Students with Disabilities/ Chronic illnesses:

1. Career Development 

2. Personal Growth 

3. Academic Improvement

4. Financial Awareness

5. Civic Engagement


To help Students with Disabilities/ Chronic Illnesses by providing them with the necessary resources to succeed.


In two decades, all financial, academic, career, and personal obstacles that Students with Disabilities/ Chronic Illnesses face will be eliminated. 

Our Team


Jenna Green founded the Jenna Green Foundation Incorporated in January 2010, after realizing that students with disabilities needed more resources to achieve success. She is an alumni of Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration: International Management with a concentration in French and German. She worked with the Disability Committee at VCU and participated in various events such as being a Peer Mentor at College 4 U, which is an event targeted towards high school students with disabilities. She has been on panels to speak on disability discrimination, featured in webinars answering questions for parents of students with disabilities, participated in film projects to support disability awareness, and college preparation. She is also an Alumni Member of Alpha Zeta Chapter of Sigma Lambda Upsilon/ Señoritas Latinas Unidas Sorority, Inc.  She works for a business in  Chesapeake, Virginia as a Business Analyst II. She has worked in two government student programs while in college, one pertaining to students with disabilities. In her past, she has supported her community through organizations like the Red Cross, Multiple Sclerosis Association, and many other organizations. In her spare time, she enjoys writing fiction stories, yoga, and traveling.  

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Website Blogger:

Marquia Garcia is the Mother of a son, part time Model, Writer and Friend.  An only child raised in Southern Maryland, she is a bookworm on an extreme level. Her favorite literature genres are Memoirs, Women’s Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Historical Non-Fiction/Fiction, Graphic Novels and much more. Marquia writes for her own blog, which include the topics of ADHD, Literature, Fashion/Makeup and other random matters. She is especially excited about writing for the Jenna Green Foundation since she daily battles ADHD and is undeniably interested in assisting others with disabilities to excel in all aspects of their lives. You may read her blog, Heterogeneous Trivialities or become her friend on GoodReads.










Website Blogger:

Nevone Blount began writing at a young age. His first hint of inspiration came from reading R.L. Stine's children series Goosebumps. He didn't become seriously involved in writing until his college years where he was exposed to different forms of writing. Nevone fell in love with poetry mainly because of the poem "Nikki Rosa" written by Nikki Giovanni. He has also recorded music and has been tapped to write lyrics for others. Nevone's writing aims to get its readers to think about issues in a way that they may not otherwise think of them. He doesn't attempt to persuade, rather he attempts to inform and educate. Most importantly, he hopes that you are touched by his words.









Website Blogger:

Fallon Stoeffler is a contributor to the website, writing from her home in Virginia Beach, VA.  She has an undergraduate degree in writing and history from the University of Pittsburgh, as well as a Master's Degree in PK-6 Elementary Education.  Currently she is studying Psychology at Old Dominion University in Virginia.  Fallon's work can be found on her website, She has recently had fiction pieces published in All Things Girl (, due out this month) as well as Sips Card magazine (