Mental Health Awareness Month: What does this mean to me? What does it mean for Children?

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By: Fallon Stoeffler

For a long time, people have handled mental health disorders at arms length. Rest assured: you cannot catch a mental illness by standing near someone with a mental illness. If your child attends school and befriends or socializes with a child with ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, or Mental or Physical Retardation, they will not "catch" any of these disorders. And certainly, if you take time to educate yourself about mental illness, you will not only not be affl...

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The R-Word

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I'm a basketball fan. A huge one. I've played since the age of 5 and even to this day, I attempt to play whenever I can. My TV typically stays on ESPN or any other channel that has basketball on. That's why I generally appreciate the NBA and the things that it does for the communities of the cities that house teams. Through NBA Cares and other programs, the NBA is able to give back to the fans that give so much to them.


Yesterday (March 6 as of this writing) marked a day kn...

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Stop Using Labels that Stereotype People with Disabilities

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We are all human and use terms that devalue others without knowing it. Once we overcome it ourselves, we can teach others that we should not categotize those with disabilities in a negative way.

Some terms that we should not use are the following:

  • The handicapped; the disabled
  • The autistic
  • The deaf
  • Is deaf and dumb' mute a dwarf; midget
  • He/she has a birth defect
  • Handicapped buses, bathrooms, hotel rooms, etc;
  • Handicapped pa...

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