Tim's Place

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In my mind, I've compiled a list of places around the world that I want to visit. I would say that this list has a lot of places that are typical to almost everyone. I want to see Paris so that I can see the world famous Eiffel Tower. I want to see Rome so that I can see the Colosseum. I want to witness the Pyramids of Giza. And oh yea, I want to visit Tim's Place in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Tim's Place? Ye...

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Helen Keller Deaf-Blind Awareness Week

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Monday, June 24 marks the beginning of Helen Keller Deaf-Blind Awareness Week. This is a week that is named after probably the most famous person with the deafblindness disorder. During this week, many events are held to bring awareness to this disability.

So who was Helen Keller? 

Many may not know but Keller wasn't born deaf or blind. It is believed that she lost her hearing and sight due to a serious illness. As a child, she was known to have serious temper tantrums, most ...

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Autism Speaks and Hope Listens

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The month of April is the "National Month of..." for plenty of things. Typically, I only acknowledge April as being the National Month of Poetry but this year I'm also acknowledging the month of April as Autism Awareness Month. As of late, autism and those that are affected by it have struck a personal chord with me.

I know that since I've been writing for this site, I've written a lot about autism. There is a good reason for it. I typically don't like to get too personal in writing for...

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The R-Word

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I'm a basketball fan. A huge one. I've played since the age of 5 and even to this day, I attempt to play whenever I can. My TV typically stays on ESPN or any other channel that has basketball on. That's why I generally appreciate the NBA and the things that it does for the communities of the cities that house teams. Through NBA Cares and other programs, the NBA is able to give back to the fans that give so much to them.


Yesterday (March 6 as of this writing) marked a day kn...

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From Waiter to Hero

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It's about time for a feel good story. Mr. Michael Garcia provides just that. I'll admit that I'm a bit late in discovering this story but things like this have no time frame. 

Garcia is a waiter at Houston's Laurenzo's Prime Rib. Doesn't seem too heroic, huh? But jobs don't make heroes, actions do and it was the action of Garcia that propels him to something more than any job ever could. But Garcia is being applauded for what he didn't do rather than what he did do. He refused to ...

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Outgrowing Autism???

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I know what you may be thinking cause I've thought the same thing. This is only my 3rd post on this site and it's the second that I've done around autism. But this piece of information that I read resonates because of a conversation that I heard last week about a parent wondering if their child could "outgrow" autism. I began to think about what that meant and coincidentally, shortly after, I stumbled upon this

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Autism is Not Scary

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By now I'm sure that you are familiar with, or at least aware of, the terrifying incidents that occured at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Adam Lanza went into this school and opened fired killing 26 people, 20 of them children. Today marks the day that the faculty, staff and students return to the school and attempt to re-establish some sense of normalty to their lives. 

This story has brought lots of issues to the forefront of the American consci...

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Imprisoned for Ignorance

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Bullying is a common problem in today’s society. Children and teenagers mainly, are the ones that are most prone to bullying and insults directed at them for no apparent reason. This normally causes insecurities in many of our youths. Typically, the bullying comes from peers which makes it seem as though it stings a bit more.


But what happens when the bullying comes from an adult?


This was the case of William M. Bailey, who is preparing to serve a 2...

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