Health Literacy and College Students

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By: Darena

I feel like Health Literacy is so important for patients to make the best decision possible for their health. I think it is especially important for Healthcare Professionals to keep this in mind when speaking to students transitioning from highschool to college or just transitioning to adulthood. Many children can take comfort in knowing that their parents or parental guirdian can make decisions for them. Kids don't have to worry about taking care of themselves or worrying ab...

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Plain Language Equivalents to Medical Terms and Phrases

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When possible, Healthcare Professionals should try to use plain language instead of medical jargon so that patients are able to understand the information given to them and be able to make the best decisions possible for their health and wellbeing.

According to, Plain language (also called Plain English) is communication your audience can understand the first time they read or hear it. Language that is plain to one set of readers may not be plain to others. Written ma...

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10 Ways Healthcare Professionals can Help Improve Health Literacy

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Here are 10 ways that healthcare professionals can help their patients.

  1. Identify patients with limited literacy levels (HRSA 2015)
  2. Use simple language, short sentences and define technical terms (HRSA 2015)
  3. Supplement instruction with appropriate materials (videos, models, pictures, etc.) (HRSA 2015)
  4. Ask patients to explain your instructions (teach back method) or demonstrate the procedure (HRSA 2015)
  5. Ask questions that begin with “how” a...
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Health Literacy : Free Online Course

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In honor of Health Literacy Month, we are providing month long resources in order to help those learn to communicate health information more effectively.

"Effective Communication Tools for Healthcare Professional...

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Culture, Language and Health Literacy

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Check out this video, "How Effective Healthcare Communication Contributes to Health Equity" published by: Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA 2015) If the link below does not work: please go to



"Effective healthcare communication policies and practices,...

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Health literacy and Patient Safety: Help patients understand

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Check out this video which is part of the health literacy educational toolkit developed by the American Medical Association Foundation. For more information about their health literacy resources, visit . If you cannot see the video below, here is the link:

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10 Health Literacy Books to Read

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It is Health Literacy Month! Read some of these books in order to improve health communication. The books listed below are in random order.

  1. Health Literacy From A To Z: Practical Ways to Communicate Your Health Message by Helen Osborne
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About Health Literacy Month

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Who founded Health Literacy Month?

  • Helen Osborne M.E...
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A Great Read: Health Literacy From A to Z, Second Edition: Practical Ways to Communicate your Health Message

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Health Literacy From A to Z, Second Edition: Practical Ways to Communicate your Health Message

Book by: Helen Osborne, M.Ed., OTR/L

ISBN: 9781449600532

Available: In pr...

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"Be a Health Literacy Hero"

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October 2015 is Health Literacy Month. It’s about taking action and finding ways to improve health communication.(HealthLiteracyMonth)

To learn more about Health Literacy Month, contact Helen Osborne by e-mail at: or by phone at: 50...

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