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Posted on July 22, 2013 at 10:25 AM

By: Aleksandra Arsik, MS Communication is the Founder and Owner of www.onlinecultus.com


There is no better place than a toy store to observe the truth that learning is fun it is kids’ stuff.


From my parenthood practice I have learned that kids are smart enough to reject anything they don’t like. A number of the most popular toys are dedicated to teaching children something new. The tremendous success of the LeapFrog toys is that they teach reading, writing plus more, and kids really love them.


However, regardless your age, abilities or income level, you as an adult can always remain a learner.


People who continue to learn and upgrade their knowledge are happy like kids. I will give you are eight excellent ways to keep the childlike grin on your face while learning and improving your skills:


1. Boost your desire to learn with fun


When you are interested – learning is a form of entertainment. So, the next time you walk down the toy shop, notice in how many ways the educational toys make the actual learning – a fun. They use color, music, pictures and interaction to attract your attention and entertain you. Can you compare this manner of learning with sitting for hours listening to an important, but dull lectures? It is really no surprise that the really great educational toys, get popular.


For sure, studying a topic that interests you shouldn’t require an espresso to keep you from falling asleep, but if that’s happening, you might have the wrong instructor. And you do not need them – trust me. Find trainers who know how to deliver a message with a punch, so in this way not only will you enjoy it more, but you would want to learn and will retain more of the information presented at the class.


In my training classes I was always striving to provide a one-of-a-kind learning experience: I educate with entertainment: music, jokes, games, contests and interaction. This was all connected to the topic I was presenting, so the students' brains just soak it up and absorb it better. In this process, their careers become reignited, and so did mine.


Education should and has to be entertaining, so commit to having fun while you learn.


2. Variety is keeping the learning alive


There is no doubt that it is essential to have advanced learning, it is like washing your hands or brushing your teeth. Just because learning is essential to your career, it does not mean that it has to be as monotonous as the daily routine things we do.


Every week I have fun by reading at least one book and quite often I have several started at the same time. Several minutes of study on each book, can keep my interests stimulated. After this I retain the material better and find myself synthesizing information from the various sources.


I also have a habit of listening podcasts or webinars while driving or riding a bike. It is a fun way to learn and improve myself, but it also keeps me calmer and more relaxed in traffic.


Regardless of the subject, you can find abundance of interesting ways to expand your knowledge and expertise. Like I mentioned, you can open a book, listen to an audio presentation, watch an online video class or lectures, or just start a study group with other lifetime students in a classroom or online.


All these should apply to the teachers and mentors that you learn from. Remember to choose those who have something interesting to say and that have an interesting way of saying it.


In any case don’t hesitate to have more than one mentor, with various experience and teaching styles for different topics or subjects.


Maybe one-on-one personalized mentoring is ideal, since you will find a world of varied and specific information presented by excellent speakers on audio and video, but remember that the varied approaches will enable you to absorb better each subject, from the most appropriate teacher and will keep you stimulated and eager to learn.


Learning should not put you to sleep, so commit to learning from a variety of teachers, choose the learning modes which keep you excited about learning and the result are inevitable.


3. Find result-oriented teachers who make learning easy


In all my years of education, I have found out that there are basically two ways to learning:


a. You can choose the hard way: figure out things on your own by trial and error, by making lots of mistakes on this way. Mistakes are inevitable, but you must know that this a slow path to success.



b. You can choose the easy way: learn from mentors who have overcome any challenges you might encounter and already discovered the solution. If you are happy enough to find that the right mentor is eager to share those answers with you and set you on an easier road to knowledge you will progress faster. What you must know is that the best continuing education is immediate and applicable.


Another point to remember – Going back to college, will not change your life’s work. Your best option is to seek fast-track education route to business success.


What you need is the non-traditional program designed specifically to deliver the information you need in a form you can use immediately.


Since all teachers and training programs are not created equal, learning should not have be an uphill struggle.


If you commit to find the successful teachers and targeted training programs, which can make the process fast and easy for you this can be of your benefit.


4. Be open to learn from anyone and everyone


Do not fall into the trap of educational snobbery ”Well, I have my MBA, JD, PhD …How can I possibly learn from a secretary?”


I\\\’m open to learn from anyone and it is worth trying. You have to use your common sense, of course and make the conclusions yourself on the learning, but not to restrict the options offered.


You can find mentors in business associates, family members, friends and colleagues. I’ve been in education for more than two decades, and I still learn every day – not only from recognized experts, but also from my students, staff members, outside consultants, vendors, favorite writers, speakers and CEOs.


What you must remember is that the learning possibilities are not limited to ”learned” teachers or a classroom setting – so stay open to learn everywhere you go, from everyone you know.


5. Learn the right things


Maybe you have not realized that life is a college and we all learn every day. Having said this, the important question to ask yourself is: ”Do I learn things that make a difference in my life or the ones that I will never need? Am I mastering techniques for broadening my professional skill or getting used to phony reality environment skills?


Successful people do not really care about minor things, whereas successful ones focus on learning the right facts.


To be an excellent learner, study the topics you need to succeed, focusing where you can get real results. Big results achieving are achieved by big things understanding and studying.


6. Use the everything you can every learning opportunity

Try to get used learning from every experience, regardless if it was a good one or a bad one.


Life being fulfilled with of lessons that are large and small, enables to understand that the bad experience is really bad if you do not learn from it. This is why you need to be determined to learn from each experience, including the ”negative” ones.


7. Time for learning


If you are still considering continuing your education, remember that you don’t need as many hours a day, as you did in college or secondary school. If you are committed to read one hour per day materials on a topic you find interesting and intriguing, listen to an audio program while driving, walking or cycling or watch an educational video while exercising, you are half way ready.


Appropriate classes and other educational material available through Internet, and on educational television is your next aid resource. Don’t waste time on the irrelevant things, but rather subscribe to newsletters that help your learning in a focused way.


Like in any journey, the fun and learning starts with the smallest step, so be committed to finding the time for learning wherever and whenever you can.


8. Learning should be a lifetime priority


The today’s information age enables launching or growing a successful business or career with continuing education. Successful people understand the complexity of their professions and choose to become students for life.


In order to achieve this goal boost that childhood enthusiasm in yourself. Pick up a book today, turn off the TV and listen to an inspirational speaker instead. Make this be the best New Year’s resolution, if you can not make it earlier!!


Learning can really be kid’s stuff, so commit yourself to enjoying it.


All you need to do is start today – motivate yourself to become a child again, and you will be amazed how much you can achieve.



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