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Reasons Students Might Attempt Suicide

Posted by Jenna Green on September 12, 2015 at 8:35 PM

Why would a student attempt to commit suicide?

Many feelings and experiences can lead up to suicide. Students often feel so much pressure and often don't know how to express themselves and it may seem like the weight of the world is on their shoulders. Many people do not understand often why someone would take their own life. The following may not be the answers but they are the reasons why many students turn to committing suicide.

1.Loneliness - developing into the all-consuming feeling that there is no-one there and that no-one really cares or will notice whether they live or die. The suicidal person can feel totally alone and isolated.

2.Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness - where the student feels that no matter what s/he does, nothing seems to get better, and that no-one is able to help.

3.Feelings of worthlessness, of being 'a waste of space' - s/he will never amount to anything, and that any care, interest, or encouragement shown would be unjustified or based on a false premise. Convinced they are not worth caring about, such people are likely to have very low self-esteem, and to not readily accept compliments or praise.

4.Depression - in those who are clinically depressed, their perceptions of themselves, others and their situation are usually unduly negative. Many of the above feelings are not only common but are also felt to be unquestionably true. Although observers may be clearly aware of the depressed person's talents, achievements, and of others who care deeply about them, it is their internal perceptions that need to be taken into account.

5.Plans falling through - especially where the goals have considerable personal importance - e.g. not settling well at university, the break-up of an important relationship, or a student not achieving her/his academic goals. As a result the student can feel inadequate, a failure, ashamed, unlovable...

6.Inappropriately high levels of stress - of the kind experienced by those with exceptionally or unrealistically high personal or academic expectations. Students can easily come to feel stressed by academic demands and for some there will be times when the level of stress becomes unbearable. Those who have been high achievers, in particular, can feel that their academic success is crucial to their personal identity, and if the former is under perceived or real threat, their identity is also endangered. To such people, the idea of not getting a 1st can be felt as an utter and unbearable humiliation.

7.Anger - suicide can sometimes be seen as the act of someone who is very angry, perhaps even as an act of revenge, (for example after the ending of a relationship).

8.Alcohol and drugs - for some a suicide attempt may be an impulsive act when under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In this state a person may seriously underestimate the risks of their actions, and be more vulnerable to the above feelings.

9.A history of mental or physical illness.

10.Feeling overwhelmed - when problems in a number of areas of life occur at the same time - for example academic problems, a family crisis, and the ending of a relationship - the sense of pain may be overwhelming.

Source: University of Cambridge ,University Counselling Service,Student & Staff Counseling , Reducing the risk of Student Suicide. 12 September 2015


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