High School vs Higher Education for Students with Disabilities

Posted on April 10, 2011 at 4:10 PM

Some of you may think that everything that happens in high school will transfer to College. Think again. Here are a few things that are different"

High school


Your parents have much responsibility for your success. You have a right to a high school education and a diploma. The law under which this is done is IDEA.


Teacher or other school personnel identify you as needing accommodations.


Your parents are responsibility for makes sure he school is accommodating you appropriately.


Your disability will be discussed with you parents, reachers, and members of your IEP or 504 plans. It may also be discussed with the person who diagnoses your disability and specifies accomodations


Teachers give you frequent feedback


Teachers check your completed homework. Teachers approach you if they believe you need assistance


Teachers take time to remind you of assignments and due dates


Teachers remind you of your incomplete work.

Higher Education

You are responsible for your success or failure. You have equal opportunity to achieve a college degree. The laws under which this is done are Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the ADA.

You, the student, myst identify yourself and present documents to justify specific accomodations

Your parents are no longer responsible for making sure you are being accommodated. This is now your responsibility both to initiate and to make the apporpriate office aware if you are not being accomodated.

Parents must have your permission to obatain any information about your services

Your disability information is covered by FERPA, the student right to privacy act. It may not be discussed even with your parents withouth your written permission. Your disability and appopriate accomodations will only be disclosed to your teachers if given permission.

You must ask the instructor for feedback.

Professors may not always check your homework, but they will assume you can perform the same.

Prodessors are usually open and helpful, but most expect you to initiate contact if you need help.

Professors expect you to use the syllabus and know due dates

Professors may not remind you of incomplete work.




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