Resume Tips

Resumes can be very tricky. Check out the following guide and look at some of our tips below. 

Resume Writing Guide Tips

If you would like to have your resume reviewed or have questions, please email them to and put "Resume Review" in the subject line. It will take up to three to four days to get feedback.  


Name and Contact Information


  • Do not have a vulgar email address name. Nothing like hotbabe@ $$$.com. If you have to sign up for a new email address than do it. Having your first and last name is acceptable.
  • Your name should not be in any fancy fonts.
  • Place the best method for an employer to contact you with. Remember if you change your email or phone number to update it.
  • This should be short sweet and to the point. 
  • Do not overdue it by adding a lot of adjectives. You do not want to distract the reader.
  • Remember to update your objective if you are looking for a different job and were specific.
  • If you are in high school, do not forget to put down you experience in your extra-curricular activities.
  • If you are in college,  you should not put you high school experience down unless it is truly relevant to the job you are applying for. Once you become a Junior and Senior, you should only put high school information on your resume if you have no experience in college at all.
Other Tips
  • Always have printed copies of your resume handy
  • Have a cover letter and references
  • Place your resume and cover letter in a black folder to give to employers. This will set you apart from other applicants.
  • Use Ivory Resume Paper that is between 24lbs and 32ibs
  • Use Times Roman or Arial Font